Welcome to Meridian Park Estate


At Meridian Park Estate

You get Luxury Homes at Extremely Affordable Prices

Meridian Luxury Park offers uniquely designed bungalows, terraces and semi-detached houses which bespeak elegance and class

Welcome to Meridian Luxury Park

Welcome to a whole new world of luxury living. Our purpose is to give you what you cannot find anywhere else: Luxury Homes at Extremely Affordable Prices.

Nestled just few minutes from Ajah, Meridian Luxury Park is a gigantic housing project measuring about 25 hectares of land

Poised to set the pace for accelerated urban development in Awoyaya, Meridian Luxury Park offers uniquely designed bungalows, terraces, semi-detached and fully detached houses which bespeaks elegance and class.


Meridian Luxury Park takes commitments made to customer and timelines very seriously and this development is no exception. This will ensure that our clients are carried along at every stage of the way and we are supervised by you our client, thus keeping to our service level commitments which we made at the beginning of our engagement and reinforcing one of our underlying business principles: “Meridian Luxury Park Always delivers”.

Meridian Luxury Park is one of the best real estate investments in the Nigerian market presently and offers a return on investment unmatched anywhere else in this area. We will demonstrate this using the simple and most basic model of real estate investment – the income based approach, which focuses on the potential income relative to initial investment.

To own a 3 bedroom duplex at Meridian Luxury Park Awoyaya, you simply pay N14.5 million and you will earn a minimum of N1.8 million per annum in rental income, this gives you returns of 12% per annum with capital appreciation of 19% per annum. This in total gives s a potential minimum Return on Risk Free Investment “ROI” of 31% per annum.